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What is LILAC?

LILAC is the Librarians’ Information Literacy Annual Conference and is a firm favourite in the calendar of information professionals. The conference is brimming with new ideas, innovative teaching techniques, inspiring speakers and exciting social events.Who should attend?

LILAC is aimed at librarians and information professionals who teach information literacy skills, are interested in digital literacies and want to improve the information seeking and evaluation skills of all our library users whoever they may be.
Librarians from across the UK and around the world attend LILAC. Delegates come to us from over 30 different countries worldwide. Each year we attract significant key players in the information literacy field as keynote speakers from around the globe.
Our conference themes always have cross-sector appeal and consequently we attract delegates from schools, further education, government, health and special libraries as well as higher education. We are keen to build links across the profession as a whole and encourage librarians and information professionals from all sectors to attend.
We actively support librarianship students and those new to the library profession. For a number of years now, we have been able to sponsor students to attend the conference and are keen to continue to offer as much support as we can to help further careers.

What is Information Literacy?

The conference defines information literacy as the ability to find, use, evaluate and communicate information. We see it as the cornerstone of learning and an essential skill in this digital age and era of life-long learning. Media coverage of reports such as the Google Generation and Digital Britain demonstrate how information literacy skills are increasingly being recognised by those outside the library profession as being essential for all.

Networking and LILAC

Coming to LILAC 2011? Want to find out who’s attending and what their information literacy interests are? You can follow us on twitter: @LILAC_2011, follow conversations about LILAC by searching for #lilac11 or you can become a member of our online LILAC community. The LILAC community has been created to give LILAC delegates an online space to network. Visit: http://lilac.spruz.com/.

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