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IFLA Releases Background Paper on e-Lending

As part of its work on the 2011-2012 Key Initiatives, the IFLA Governing Board appointed a working group to draft a background paper on digital lending. At its April meeting the IFLA Governing Board endorsed this paper, and we are now pleased to present a version for download.

The paper attempts to:
Provide an overview of the issues relating to eBooks in libraries;
Summarise the current positions of publishers in both the scholarly publishing and trade publishing sectors;
Summarise the differences in the way that academic/research libraries and public libraries address the issue of digital collections;
Address the legal context for eLending and library principles that must be upheld in any suitable models;
Provide a detailed legal analysis of e-Lending"

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IFLA Releases Background Paper on e-Lending | IFLA: "IFLA Releases Background Paper on e-Lending

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